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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 11, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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fda? >> fda delayed a decision on one of their obesity drugs by three months. [closing bell ringing] the stock is to the downside but analysts believe they will get approval. liz: 14 days out of 16 days higher, it is time to move lower for the markets. please take a look to see how stocks are finishing up, red across the board with dow jones industrials losing half a percent. nasdaq is down just a fraction. that is not really a big worry for people watching in this market. the russ cell 2000 down half a point. s&p 500 down a third of a point. so much news today. we've got it. "after the bell" starts right now connell: so much news indeed. today's market action of the robert luna says forget the macro, focus on the micro, picking solid individual stocks. chuck self, chief investment officer still bullish keeping
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eye on sector rotations happening right now. todd horowitz also with us in the pits of cme. start with you, tom. what is your take on today? >> hi, connell. hi liz. it was a little bit of profit-taking and we can talk about cantor losing election. can talk about a lot of things. markets will take profit at some point even if we to higher or lower. at some point the market will take profit. this looks like a little profit-taking. volume is down 30 to 40% of normal volume. we're seeing a national rotation, a little bit of selling pressure. boeing was under pressure. so the market sold off. it is down really a blip on the radar based on where we've been. liz: blip on radar. that brings us to robert luna who still says this is opportunity where you have to do the work to pick stocks versus entire indexes, robert? >> that is exactly it, liz. we work with high net worth clients and high net worth expectations. when they come to us they want to own more than a bunch of tickers in their company or
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portfolio. in last few years it didn't make sense. you threw a dart, market went up and you did well. this is finally type of environment where you're rewarded for doing your homework. where the market has not a lot of head or tailwind to propel it in either direction, there are solid companies out there you can invest in and i think you can do well in this environment. connell: chuck self will field inevitable political question, and liz and i will talk about the eric cantor store and what it means. i'm not sure it means anything at all for markets. what is your take? >> we also believe it doesn't mean anything for markets. this is a one-day situation. even thoughkets, may have to reacted to it, the markets really looking for reasons to have a breather today. and long run, it will be the economic situation that matters. liz: well then, todd, if chuck is correct then, maybe it is the world bank's assessment we'll see a second half global economic slowdown that spooked
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the markets today? >> you know, i think that is very possible. you know, one of my things i've been concerned about for quite a while, liz is growth. i'm still, i know we had a good jobs number or supposed good jobs number but i'm truly not seeing growth. i can't put together in my mind what is going on where we're getting more service jobs which are lower paying jobs. 10 years later, we're making less money and paying more for goods. where is the growth going to come from? i can't find an area which concerns me which would indicate to me a very possible global slowdown worldwide. connell: well, if it is a global slow down worldwide, to rob's earlier point you were making, that is area where you have to pick more individual stocks and stocks did well, recently led us in the rally pulled back today. next your best picks going forward, robert. that type of an environment because i don't know if you're, maybe as pessimistic and analysis we heard but certainly seems like you're thinking along similar lines? >> yeah. i think in exact same lines what
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we were talking about right there. it is not a great situation to be buying the index. and there is companies out there though right now like amerco. this company, no one really owns. wall street doesn't follow. it has 70% insider ownership and u-haul franchise. they reported double-digit growth in self-storage. double-digit growth if earnings, in rental division. what they have right now, going for them, is this echo boomer generation. 84 million americans, ages 20 to 30 years old right now, that are renting. when you're renting, you're moving more often. avis, at the same time cut back their fleet. so it's a great company. 13 times forward earnings, cheaper than the market. liz: your turn, chuck. tell us where you get a sense of real opportunity? when it comes to adding names to the portfolio or areas to the portfolio that can give people decent yield and make it through the rocky times? , we think the.
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>> we think the energy sector is where you should be in. post-sector models. the energy sector has become the focus. we like on a broad basis the i-shares, u.s. energy etf. it yields 1.5%, yet it has broad exposures to drilling, equipment and production, the transportation, and so on. and, but then on a greater yield basis, the kayne anderson mlp investment fund is one that we have in our liquid alternatives portfolio. this is one which you have 60 mlps. so you don't have to choose which mlp is going to be the winner. you have broad diversification of mlp and u.s. tax purposes you get 1099 instead of partnership taxation. it is very good for taxable investors. 6 1/2%. it is our pick in the mlp space.
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connell: absolutely right. you see well-thought through ideas there. maybe todd is listening. we turned him around. suddenly becoming more positive, okay, i see we'll not get the growth and there is a lot wrong with the macro economy and you can still find individual companies that will be successful in that type of environment or maybe not. your take, todd? >> you know, i think there is always stocks you can buy. if you look and try to pinpoint good stocks, good sectors, you can always buy. the macro picture is not very good. micro picture, look into a stock. amazon was $30 a share in november of 2008. look what happened there. it was 60 by the time the market bottomed. there is always opportunity, if you do the homework like chuck says. if you look for it, you can find stocks to buy. overall i'm bearish the big picture. >> right. >> i'm not afraid to buy in the small picture. connell: everybody involved, good discussion, to get us started. thanks, everybody. liz: thank you, gentlemen. connell: eric cantor, we talked about it being big story.
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surprising to put it very, very mildly. not just a blow to the republican party. wall street took a bruising as well. key policy issues could now be in trouble. we'll break it all down coming up. liz: video sales in u.s. declined 10% year-over-year, sony is branching out. a new playstation tv streaming and virtual headset. the electronic giant sending out a big message to investors and maybe apple as well, getting ready to take on anyone from apple to facebook oculus riff as well. we'll talk to the ceo and president of sony computer entertainment of america, live from e3. connell: that sound pretty good. paula dean, paula dean wants to get back into your kitchen. the controversial celebrity chef has an online network. would you watch the paula dean network? well america embrace her again. lee haw skins joins us. liz: he is only one who got her.
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takeover speculation swirling around that company. liz: we were just talking about takeover speculation and how to profit from it with mario ba belly. nicole has details. hi, nicole. >> liz and connell, we'll look at anadarko petroleum moving to new highs. the stock is to the upside and this is on speculation of a potential takeover by exxon perhaps. the stock is up 4.25% at the close at 108.32. they recently resolved a lawsuit involving a purchase of kerr mcgay. since then the raymond james analyst said this is the time and season sometimes people look to see whether or not exxon may be interested in making an acquisition. assets of anadarko could be very attractive to exxon. no one really knows what may be in the cards for this one but certainly think that would be a good takeover target. as a result we saw that jump. you saw other names as elizabeth arden and chico's. a lot of speculation this week. back to you. liz: makes things interesting.
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nicole, thank you very much. connell: now to the eric cantor story as eric cantor plans to well, step down as house majority leader at end of july. this comes after a huge primary upset. tea party-backed challenger dave brat, with a lot less money, won a stunning victory. everybody was surprised by this. liz: indeed. let's see what kind of potential impact cantor's defeat has on policies and business, right? joining you, the your asia group's senior analyst. wonderful to have you, cory. >> thanks, guys. liz: get right to it. as we're a business network, we want to know, should business, wall street, big oil be nervous? where does he stand? he hasn't won in the general election but winning in the primary is a pretty significant moment. >> to that point he is almost guaranteed to win in the general. 7th district in virginia is very safe republican seat. should big business be concerned? the immediate impact that eric cantor has seen as wall street's
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man in the house. staun epdefender of interests of financial sector wall street in particular and that is where there campaign contributions has gone. mr. cantor is prolife risk fund-raiser and distributor of campaign funds. that is why he is so popular. in his absence wall street will have to find a benefactor who that may be. it is difficult to tell. one of the more immediate casualties of cantor's defeat, export-import bank. this is arcane agency that helps u.s. exporters sell good abroad. it essentially guaranties the loans of foreign purchasers of u.s. goods. connell: right. >> agency is often called the boeing bank because the amount of money it helps in boeing transactions. in fact i think you saw a bow boeing selloff you particularly because of this concern. connell: caterpillar and ge down as well. you see the impact of that it could have on individual companies. there are senior washington correspondent peter barnes has also been on the story
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throughout the day and joins our discussion now. cory was saying you're going to see some, well, to use market terminology as we were discussing stocks, micro impact of this. you also see to his earlier point the macro impact because mr. cantor was a good friend of wall street, peter. >> absolutely. in fact, i have the list of his top donors, connell. connell: there you go. >> financial firms were the number one contributors to cantor's 2014, in fact, by company, top three contributors were employees of blackstone, hedge fund scroggin capital and goldman sachs. according to which keeps track, cantor raised more campaign contributions from this race from new york than from his home city of richmond, connell. liz: maybe, cory, that is the problem. everybody was saying the minute i woke up early and watched pundits on many different channels, everyone was saying he turned his back on his own district and way too involved in washington, d.c. could it be as simple as that?
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is something about his message truly resonating? >> you know, i don't know if turned his back on his district is a fair assessment. he is after all the majority leader. his job is to be here in washington and control the house floor. and as i said earlier, he has been a prolific fund-raiser. you can't do that from the confines of richmond. i think it is fair to say he took his district for granted. he assumedded majority leader he was perfectly safe there given u.s. history, that was a fair conclusion. although clearly this time around it was the incorrect one. connell: you know, last night, peter, as you know it was outright shock. not often we're shocked by something that happens in politics but it was complete shocked. >> i was shocked. i think we were all shocked. connell: i turn on the tv, as i said this morning on air they're scrambling for guests of the anybody with a shirt and tie put them in front of the camera to analyze this thing. nobody saw it coming. it turns to panic, depending what side of the aisle you're on. by this morning i was talking to ed henry and mike emanuel about
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it. let's not overreact. by this afternoon, now we've got enthrough the day, what is the mood in washington now? are people still scrambling or settled in a little bit? >> still shock but there is a scramble now. in fact cantor i want to point out is behind closed doors with his fellow house republicans. he is formally announcing that he is going to step down at the end of july. and this is setting off of course a mad scramble to succeed him as majority leader. they want, republicans want to assure some kind of a transition in the house. one aide saying they don't want this to turn into lord of the flies. and i do have a punch list of three of the candidates reportedly who are in the running to replace him. kevin mccarthy of california, texan jeb hensarling, chairman of the house financial services committee and pete sessions who runs the republican congressional campaign committee as well. liz: cory, can you comment on those names? when you hear about those who sit on certain financial committees, they surely have
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relationships with wall street too. >> well, right. except in mr. hensarling's case he had quite a antagonistic relationship with wall street. mccarthy is the current majority whip. it would be his race to lose. part of his job is counting votes. we'll see how good he is at doing that. i doubt highly whether both texans get in the race because they would split their support. my inclination it will be mr. hensarling versus mr. mccarthy and in turn, mr. sessions the other texan may go for mccarthy's current job of majority whip. we'll see soon. connell: not sure whether or not, we used the graphic, description there was the next wall street darling, whether quote, unquote wall street darling whether majority leader in the house. charlie gasparino on liz last hour and brought up paul ryan. whether it is somebody else. maybe it is paul ryan or somebody else that gets the wall street money and wall street attention as a result of the shake-up?
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>> ryan has said today that he is not seeking this majority leader's job. connell: right. >> perhaps, we'll see what happens if he might have his eye on speaker's chair at some point. conventional wisdom he is thinking of running for president. he is not going to settle tore speaker of the house or majority leader. >> in terms of your question about the money. i think ryan would be an obvious funnel, or source, rather for that money to be funneled too. he will be most likely chairman of ways and means next year, which is tax law writing committee. at some point he is expected to embark on a rewrite of u.s. tax law. what better guy to have defending your interests than the guy who is rewriting tax law? liz: as we've been flashing on the screen, he is economics professor. he is a free market guy. what if he simply says, stop giving big business any kinds of tax breaks? can he really make any waves on, in d.c. without wall street, without big business? i mean they're the ones that create most of the jobs. as well as small business.
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>> paul ryan will hesitate just now. this is a shot across the bow for all these republican politicians here. paul ryan is not a dope. he saw what happened to eric cantor. so, i'm not sure any of that is going to happen. connell: somebody was using as a verb this morning you don't want to get cantorred. how quickly that happened. thanks, peter and cory for joining us as well. liz: good to see you, cory and peter. race for virtual reality heating up. sony taking on facebook's oculus with a new headset, 3d, who knows what it will reveal when you put it on. the japanese tech giant betting heavily on the gaming technology. sony computer entaint of america ceo joins us live from e3 in l.a. connell: the fashion world through google glass. i didn't put the things on yet. the designer diane von furstenberg put on her touch.
4:20 pm
what is described as geeky eyeware. that is fox business exclusive. liz: he will show you all the styles that he has. battle of the tech giants. which ones are most popular among hedge fund? we actually have a scorecard on this. you need to see it coming up. ♪
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connell: time for speed read. day's other headlines, five stories, one minute. first up, dubai airlines canceling a order for airbus planes. go pro wants to raise
4:24 pm
427 million. they plan to offer 17.8 million class-a shares. expedia accepting bitcoin for hotel bookings. the company, the first major travel agency to take the digital currency. toyota recalling more than 766,000 vehicles here in the united states. this is because of problems with front passenger airbag inflatetors. brings the worldwide recall total to 2.27 million. involves 20 models and corolla compacts and tundra pickups from 2003 to 2004 and lexus coups from 2002 and 2004. sony is planning to a film based on sega's one billion dollar sonic franchise. the movie will be live action and computer-generated. with time to spare that is today's "speed read." [buzzer] i was nervous doing the speed read for the first time. >> did well. i hate you.
4:25 pm
speaking sony, they wowedded crowds at e3 with a wealth of new games and virtual reality headset and set-top box with streaming possibilities among many other things. joining to us talk about all the new products an developments, sony's computer entertainment america ceo and president. sean, good to see you. let me go straight to what i find interesting, playstation tv. can you tell me, sean? -- can you hear me? can you hear me? >> yeah, liz. i got you. liz: thankfully. you have the look, i can see her but i can't hear her. talk about what jumped out at us, that is playstation tv. tell us what it is and what you hope to grown from it from sony. >> i didn't hear the question but i think you're asking about playstation tv. liz: correct. >> which is our newest console we launched in japan in december. we'll bringing bring it to america this fall.
4:26 pm
it will let you access 1,000 different games and music services and most powerful home console at its price point. that is for sure. liz: i saw a price point of $99, is that correct. >> the price on that will be $99 at launch later this fall. liz: launch later this fall. obviously, there are other opportunities out there, xbox came out with a streaming box and apple tv is there. how do you stand out, sean? >> well, the key differentiator, that playstation tv is a playstation game console. coming from that foundation and catalog of games we have to support it i think will give it a unique place on your second television in your home. liz: project morpheus is something that immediately has gotten tons of buzz. sort of your take on oculus rift which facebook bought. what is it? i remember at the consumer electronics show he unveiled something similar. tell me bit. bit.
4:27 pm
sean, i'm asking about the morpheus, the project morpheus. >> oh, right. gotcha. project morpheus is a virtual reality headset, we debuted the technology six months ago. we're showing it on the floor at e3. e3 is a bit mardi gras and grand central station. it's a bit noisy, i'm sorry about that. it is getting a lot of good reception. we hope that virtual reality is something we can talk more about in the coming months. liz: when will it roll out? when will morpheus roll out? can you hear me? >> yeah. i'm sorry. i'm not hearing you. liz: all right. how about now. >> not announced a rollout plan yet. liz: you have not announced a rollout. the technology -- >> experiment with it. liz: okay. playstation 4 has done very, very well. we know that. xbox is also sold a lot.
4:28 pm
the hardware is doing just fine. the software, isn't selling at the fastest clip that we have ever seen. in fact it is down 10% for new game sales in april year-over-year. >> i'm not hearing questions. liz: you know what, it is so loud there. >> let me wrap up. liz: sure, go ahead. >> right our game sales are doing very strong. playstation 4 is the fastest growing home platform in the history of game consoles. we got to 7 million we announced in april. we're looking at this coming year, all we'll have is games, games. liz: whisper 2,000 should sponsor e3 at this point. you guys need hearing aids. sean, thank you so much for being a good sport. sean, great to have you. >> thank you. thanks a lot, guys. liz: listen, i've been to those things. craze they're all talking. connell: just for a joke, i've been a big fan of nintendo. your thoughts? liz: let me guess what you were saying. connell: doesn't matter anyway.
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paula dean is coming up, not here but her network. the question, would you watch it? there are also restaurants and furniture line. everybody is asking will america embrace her again? or will this 100 million-dollar venture go cold? "wall street journal's" lee hawkins spoke with paula exclusively. we'll show you that and talk to lee coming up. liz: high fashion meets high-tech. diane von furstenburg and unveiling these. new google glass framed collection. we'll show you the collection, as i bat my eyelashes, exclusively and talk to the ceo of how he thinks these are going to sell coming up. connell: pretty good. liz: less geeky. connell: yes. you look good. you look good. ♪ can you start tomorrow?
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♪ liz: technology stocks have become very popular with hedge funds over the past few years, but some names have seen more action than others. here are the most popular text box. number five, facebook. the end of the first quarter. one hundred funds held shares of the social media giant. ebay, nearly 15%.
4:34 pm
apple holds the number three spot over the first quarter. 1209 hedge funds on positions in apple. down from 160. microsoft coming in at number two with 131 hedge fund shareholders rising from the third spot in the fourth quarter when 120 funds on the company. 23 percent of hedge funds held long stakes in the tech giant at the end of the first quarter. that is a drop from the fourth quarter when 26 percent of hedge funds of the stock. the data was compiled by research firm in cider money. >> we will talk about that. i have not had a chance to put them on yet. now, the queen of southern cuisine. she wants to get america back in her kitchen after a fall from grace a year ago.
4:35 pm
well, she is back with her own on-line network. you should know that lee hawkins of the "wall street journal" called this months ago. bottom line, you do think that you will come back stronger? >> i think that she will and we have to keep in mind one thing. in business the real thing that matters of the end of the day's green. liz: he went after the big interview and got it. he got to speak with paula dean exclusively. she turned things around. at least for now. >> $100 million in private equity behind her. we announce that in february. yesterday she told me on camera that she will start of this network. it is a digital network, a portal subscriber based paula dean network. she is probably going to charge between five and $10 per month from people to see what happens.
4:36 pm
>> models for this. they want to look at it glenn beck for the wrestling. they have their own network. >> they do a very good job digitally. >> the economics of it. i watched your interview. it is interesting to see her articulate the way she wants to make money with this. >> what she will do is go to her core base. she is not trying to get mainstream america, the people that probably have a problem with her. >> the overall numbers don't matter as much. >> if she can get a fraction of the million viewers she had to give for $10 a month to ma hundred thousand people, that is a million dollars a month in revenue right there. liz: let's hear from her. the sound of what you have from the interview. >> i wanted her to explain what she is trying to do as a traditional tv person trying to break into digital television.
4:37 pm
let's take a look. >> after much research in talking to our fans, this is what they wanted. they wanted to be able to watch me anytime anywhere any place that they happen to be. and, you know, ipads are so much lighter to tote around that at television. this is just perfect. fans are going to see things that they have never seen before they are going to a see all of me. liz: she lost weight. >> she did. i think she is taking care of herself. liz: that is what every viewer was thinking. the key here is that digital is an is the key thing. it is one thing when you have a mass market of publicity, billboards, your picture on the side of the boss, but pretty much in the digital world you have to make it happen yourself.
4:38 pm
social media is the way to do that. she does not have that big of a social media following. she is trying to take that entrepreneurial fashion and go on a toward to get her fans engaged. >> and she just did not bother with it in the past? >> she thinks that she does. heard team thinks that -- she has 6 million people following her. you're familiar with one direction. >> we will take this 6 million. >> to her credit, she gets people to engage command she engages with them. people feel that they have a personal relationship. that could be enough. liz: you are a man of color. can you get over that things that she said? what is the opportunity she might get from having a little bit of distance from the trauma that happened. >> i always say, and a journalist, not a priest. at the end of the day it is a business. i like paula dean. believe that she came from a
4:39 pm
place and the time where people made the statements, but i think that she should be able to get out there and work again. you know, ray is her own network . >> and how can she monetize. we will see if she can do all of these other products. >> that captive base of people. liz: lee hawkins, wall street journal. go on the website. >> thank you. liz: the soccer world cup kicks off tomorrow, and it is expected to draw a record number of viewers between television, streaming videos, social media. coming up, we will break down the numbers. >> get out of work early and watch some soccer. forget the big tv consumer electronics show. the colossal screen that will cost you upwards of seven figures. liz: high-fashion with this
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of optical and some glass frames. guess what, we are bringing all of the frames right here in front of you. we show some of the new designs on sale june 203rd. ♪
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liz: after talking forever, i just finally saw what happens. >> some sort of a revelation. >> hopefully we will be able to recreate elvis. liz: try to transform this image . the tech giant partner and don't legendary designer. >> does this kickstart demand? is it exactly? did fox business exclusive interview. licensing partner for i wear. liz: i finally saw, i thought the whole thing was going to be palm springs 1972. >> is she transformed? that is the challenge.
4:45 pm
>> technology is cool by itself. something people would want to wear. faces of people. represent the lifestyle of the person who is wearing it. more of the best designers in the world. manufacturing. liz: verdi manufacture? >> the manufacturing and italy. >> i would wear these way, way more. it has been out there. less obtrusive. she is wearing the glasses. maybe people want that. what was your mission? >> the mission was that is very
4:46 pm
long. and they went to eric to develop we are the company that produced the product. we are a company that is known for technology. twenty years ago. into developments. >> to follow-up on her question, and making the product cooler, hiding that people are wearing or to highlight. >> there is no really hiding or highlighting. depends upon what the consumer wants. the consumer can choose the color. you can choose the color that would highlight the fact you wear it or hide the fact you wear it. >> look at me. >> it depends upon the lifestyle. some people like to beat. in reality, the idea was to
4:47 pm
design something now would be where a ball they long, is comfortable, that feels right on the face of the people. liz: i am holding a pair that are very unobtrusive, pretty much a slight tortoise shell brown. one arm that is basically plastic. the other side is where the glasses would go. >> yes. the titanium attachment that allows you to put -- be careful. liz: i almost broke my night. >> that peace would be the device, which is this one the you see here. so this piece your allows the device to be attached. the reason why this is produced together with this technology of injected nylon is it allows this to not wobbled i think you say in english. liz: correct. >> and to keep a distance of the device correct to the eyesight to give you the right proportion >> available june 203rd. we always want to know.
4:48 pm
>> the price of the entire package, the device, the frame, and the shield, also a shield that comes with it. the entire package. >> a lot of money, but at the same time if you are going to be cool off -- because my next question is about target audience and our mass marketing will be. maybe we fit into it or maybe we don't. i don't know. are you targeting everybody, a certain type of lifestyle? >> i cannot speak for the company. obviously the allies is the biggest part of the component. the frame itself is only $245. the question is, what will they do to make this product more available and a price that is easier to achieve. >> you have a computer on your eyes. >> the frame yourself call that is the same price as any other frame in a store that would be
4:49 pm
of this quality and design. liz: i am picking a bright blue. >> remember, the lice. liz: great to see you. psst -- a fox business exclusiv. great to have you. thank you. >> read the prompter in the middle of things. all right. the world's biggest sporting event. the biggest sporting event of the world will start tomorrow. this year in brazil and is expected to generate billions and billions in revenue. the specific numbers, some of which may surprise you are coming up next. liz: a gigantic custom-made tv so big that the said is surely in a class of its own, and the price tag could be enough to break the bank. we have the details. we will show it to you. ♪ (mother vo) when i was pregnant
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4:54 pm
social media. liz: a lot of people are into it . hopefully into it herself joining us now to break some of these numbers down, it's lauren simonetti. multibillion dollars. this is big-time. >> your stage manager invited me on. it is getting exciting. i got an invite. less than 24 hours from now brazil takes on croatia to kick off the 2014 world cup. this has big numbers, but dollar signs. first of all, expected to hit a record. 4 billion people around the world will tune in for some of the 64 matches for two reasons. number one, time. a big market for one, as you guys now. many matches will be in the afternoon and early evening, primetime. second, you have accessibility. for the first time if you subscribe to espn, and 100 million people do, you can watch all of the games on live
4:55 pm
television are streaming online. and then you have social media abuzz with special trending topics. you have to consider that 40 percent of facebook global users are soccer fans. twitter commands to grant all of the meeting of. gasol and we are talking an expected four and a half billion dollars in revenue. much of that from the sale of television and marketing rights. espn ponied up a hundred million dollars. the 2010 and this year. and fox sports paid four times that for the rights to 2018 in russia and 2022. >> time for the future. the timing. liz: go croatia. >> go brazil. >> let's try to avoid asking our reporters out for drinks, if we can't.
4:56 pm
liz: a lot more. go ahead. >> in brazil, soccer match, a couple of years ago, five years ago. no idea who was playing. i just went to experience it. unbelievable. unbelievable. >> everyone else. thank you. now, while everyone has been betting on this, there is also world cup and everything else. fascinating comparisons. between the 32 competing nations next. you won't be surprised. liz: when it comes to watching sports on television, a magic -- imagine a gigantic television that doris just about everything else. how much will it cost you? we will bring you the details in just a minute. ♪ reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? you feel that in your muscles? yeah...i do... drink water.
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my motheit's delicious. toffee in the world. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. . >> we were just talking about the world cup getting under way tomorrow, and with hundreds of millions expected to watch, the teams have already been stacked up when it comes to the soccer.
4:59 pm
how do the 32 countries compare when it comes to, well, other indicators? "wall street journal" compiled a list of the world cup of everything else. here's the winners. taking the trophy for the lowest unemployment rate, switzerland. japan wins the title for the longest life expectancy. 84 years, who can't get enough of the big mac? of course the united states. number one in mcdonald's restaurants. congratulations to ourselves. 4.48 per 100,000 people. it had to be mcdonald's restaurants. and break out vodka, russia the top spot when it comes to the biggest drinkers. the average russian drinking four gallons of alcohol per year. >> finland gave them a run for money. we have the big max. companies competing to build the biggest and best tv's are supersizing screens, u.k. based
5:00 pm
titan screens created zeus tv that comes in at massive 370 inches diagonally. to visualize the screen size titan created a rendering how it would compare next to an elephant. the large tv costs 1.6 million dollars. >> how about that? zeus, tv. this is fun. >> appreciate it. now time for cheryl in for gerri willis. looking at the impact of eric cantor's loss, what angle are you takeing? >> the economics story and are people voting with their wallets. new figure show alarming rise in the number of americans with diabetes. now more than one in ten of us have the disease. we're going to investigate the impact and cost on our health care system. the fbi launching a criminal investigation of va hospitals. vets will have more


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